Business Model

Setanta's investment activities are mainly performed on the non-public investment market. We are involved in building the value of an enterprise. We work with seed and venture capital funds and private investors.

The planned average investment period is 5 years. After that period to exit the investment by the company debut on the NewConnect / WSE or sale of shares or shares to a financial investor or an industry.

Company ventures can be divided into two basic categories:
1. Venture Capital - investment in projects with high growth potential, located simultaneously in a relatively early stage of development;
2. Restructuring projects.

Currently, the company Setanta ASI S.A. priority are the company's portfolio, which after the start of the commercialization of products have a chance to achieve dynamic growth in revenues and profits. At the same time we are analyzing new investments in companies from prospective industries.

Management Setanta ASI S.A. He has experience in restructuring and optimizing start-ups.

In addition, Setanta ASI S.A. Cooperates with individual investors (they are mainly entrepreneurs with long experience of building business). Potential investment projects are evaluated by the Investment Committee.
Setanta S.A. It finances investment activity from own funds, generated from investment activity.

Setanta Investment Unit is active in the following areas:

- Real estate
- Global Projects (companies with potential for international expansion, dynamic, small and medium-sized companies)
- Local projects (dynamic small and medium businesses operating on the local market in niches)

In each of the areas they are implemented various business strategies - Setanta is therefore a mix of strategy, through which the Investment Company has a portfolio of long-term systematically increase its value.