Supervisory Board

Damian Dec
Member of Supervisory Board

Graduate of management and marketing, School of Economics and PhD University of Finance and Management in Warsaw addition, he completed a semester at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium). He also completed training for trainers -Train The Trainer I, Train The Trainer II within the university opened at Warsaw University and training "Spin Smolna" in the School of Business Innovation Nest. He gained experience in companies such as Polish Foundation for the Promotion and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises, PARP, Axio Sp. o.o., Atfin, Atfin Sp. o.o. It occurs as a Member of the Board in companies: Neuro-Innovations Sp. o.o., Atfin Sp. o.o. Foundation Institute for Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. In addition, they advise participants of the project "Start for innovative companies II" in terms of marketing strategy and the sources of financing for innovative projects, including academics setting up spin-off / spin-out. He speaks: English, French.

Monika Sieniawska
Member of Supervisory Board

Graduate of German Philology, completed post-graduate studies in Social Communication and Public Image Creation at University of Wrocław, as well as Project Management at Wrocław School of Banking. Worked in organisations where she developed and implemented communication standards to create a positive corporate image, i.a., in Dolnośląska Spółka Gazownictwa (GK PGNiG) where she was in charge of the implementation of Visual Identification System, and in ITI Neovision where she promoted sports channels of new generation Television and their programming offer. Since 2003, focuses on the area of public relations and marketing.

James Martin Wills
Member of Supervisory Board

Entrepreneur and business owner with vast experience in the services sector. Following his education at North Monastery CBS in Cork, Ireland, he successfully completed training and qualification as a mechanical fitter. In later age, he served as a basketball club manager at this school. He founded his first business at the age of 21. Now, with 40-year experience in international business, he has expanded his business portfolio to include gas appliance and kitchen furniture retail outlets, mechanical and electrical services network as well as services for developers. In recent years, he has expanded his business pursuits into the UK and Eastern Europe with successful property development and import/export activities. In the local community, James holds the position of Peace Commissioner in his home town Cork in Ireland. His honorary appointment has been made in 1984 by Minister for Defence, Michael Noonan.

Cezary Nowosad
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Graduate of Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (specialization: physics and medical physics) and doctoral studies at the College of Management and Finance School of Economics (specializing in finance and management). He graduated from the College of investment adviser and securities analyst (Privatization Centre). In the years 1997 - 2004 he held the position of Director of Development and Analysis in BondSpot SA, moreover, in the years 2000 - 2003 held the position of Coordinator. Implementation of a nationwide educational campaign aimed at small and medium-sized companies, regarding the use of capital market instruments. Member of the supervisory boards of Index Copernicus International SA, SovereignFund TFI SA, Grupa LOTOS SA, PRI Basalt SA, AGROMAN Sp o.o., Zamojska Korporacja Energetyczna SA, 4 National Investment Fund Progress SA, Petrobaltic SA, Naftoport o.o., PLASTBOX SA, J & M Enterprises Sp. o.o., ECO GREEN TECHNOLOGY SA, Nicolas Games SA, INVISTA Dom Maklerski SA, PROGRES INVESTMENT SA, VELTO SA, Grand Cru SA, HFT Dom Maklerski SA.

Anna Gębala
Member of Supervisory Board

Sociology graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, specialising in Social Communication and Personal Consulting. Completed post-graduate studies at the Center for Latin-American Studies (CESLA) at the University of Warsaw. Involved in numerous real estate projects focusing on real estate management, both in Poland and abroad. For the last 8 years, employed as Chief Visionary Officer by Warsaw Properties Sp. z o.o., the Issuer’s subsidiary.